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Real Estate Project Management Berlin

What started in 2006 under the name "Sattler Projekte und Immobilien" and has now proven its worth over twelve years in Berlin project management, was gradually expanded in the course of business development and is currently updated in the form of the new company "IPMB Immobilien & Projekmanagement Management Berlin GmbH ", a complete service package for the preparation, consulting, control and monitoring of real estate development, construction and use.

Today, our team is already a competent partner for our customers and will be even more so in the coming years through further expansion and development. Our team is equipped with experienced specialists and experts who have already been able to realize extensive projects in commercial, organizational and technical construction project management and in construction supervision.

There are more complex, varied, and extraordinary large-scale construction projects in the next years, so we intend to continue growing with our customer base and our new customers.


Our activity began in 2006 with the division, partial renovation and the (individual) sale of residential and part ownership of the Stalin buildings in the Frankfurter Allee in Berlin Friedrichshain. Overall, we were able to supply about 400 units to the Berlin property market. Added to this was the assumption of further management tasks in the completion and handover of residential and part ownership in the construction project Joli Coeur in Berlin Charlottenburg and currently in the construction project Metropol Park in Berlin Mitte. All of the above-mentioned, predominantly residential properties are listed buildings or areas. In the years 2016/2017 we organized the construction of the communal shelter for refugees in the "Neue Späthstraße 50" in Berlin Neukölln, where about 600 refugees could in the meantime obtain a high-quality accommodation.

At the moment we are entrusted with the administrative control of the development of two further construction phases in Berlin Neukölln at the Neue Späthstraße / Haarlemer Straße and the development of the property of the former Bärenquell brewery in the Schnellerstraße in Berlin Niederschöneweide. And last but not least, we are currently managing the development of the former freight yard area in Berlin Halensee administratively.


We are reinforcing our team...

* We are always looking for committed, unconventional and motivated employees in commercial and technical construction project management, the construction process control and control, as well as the technical quality assurance in construction. Experts, specialists and generalists are welcome to help us shape the future of our company. Please send us your meaningful application documents at personal@ipm-berlin.com.

Member of the JUC training network

IPMB Immobilien- & Projektmanagement Berlin GmbH will be participating in the further training network of JUC in the future. The aim of this network is to create a forum in which the latest topics and problems in the property sector are discussed at a high level and with a practical approach to work out solutions to specific challenges for the benefit of participants. We will endeavour to take part in the exchange of knowledge between the participants, develop new expertise and skills and build up trustworthy, fruitful relationships with the other participants

Certified project manager

Klaus-Ulrich Sattler is a certified project manager according to certificate No. 98/012 dated 6 June 1998 according to the regulations of the certification procedure of PM-ZERT on the basis of DIN 69900 et seqq. and DIN EN 45013 as well as the evaluation criteria of GPM. He has proven project management competence and is entitled to use the title of ‘Certified Project Manager’.

Certified expert

Dipl.-Bauing. (FH)/Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH), since 03/2015 certified and until 03/2021 re-certified expert for damage to buildings and for the evaluation of developed and undeveloped properties according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 (EUC Cert), with extensive technical and commercial expertise in the real estate sector thanks to a long track record in the fields of property development, implementation of large-scale construction projects, construction and rehabilitation of buildings as well as purchase and sale of real estate.

As a certified expert for damage to buildings of DEKRA Certification GmbH for building damage assessment D1 and as an expert for property assessment D1, Klaus-Ulrich Sattler is commissioned by courts and private clients with the clarification of damage events, questions regarding the application of technical rules, deviations from planning specifications and the feasibility of technical solutions, and he advises clients, project and property developers, property management companies, owners (communities of owners), tenants, landlords as well as property, house or apartment purchasers.

Member of the construction chamber

The authorisation to submit construction documents [Bauvorlageberechtigung] issued by the Baukammer Berlin [Berlin Building Chamber] (obligatory member P3118) entitles Klaus-Ulrich Sattler to submit construction documents (building applications) in Berlin and in the federal state of Brandenburg.

Klaus-Ulrich Sattler is also a member of the election committee for the elections of the 12th election period and a member of the admission committee of the Berlin Building Chamber.

Member of associations

IPMB Immobilien & Projektmanagement Berlin GmbH is a member of the Deutscher Verband der Projektmanager in der Immobilienwirtschaft e. V. (DVP) [German Association of Project Managers in the Real Estate Industry] and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e. V. (GPM) [German Association for Project Management].

IPMB is a member of BauMonitoring e.V.

As a new member of the BauMonitoring eV (BMeV) we are part of the interdisciplinary association of representatives of the financing industry, the monitoring industry and research. [Nbsp] The aim of this network is to develop uniform standards based on existing laws, standards and guidelines in the market to create the basis for a high quality in construction monitoring.

The association aims for an exchange of knowledge of all project participants. As a member of the association, we would like to actively participate in the knowledge transfer by participating in working groups.
Further information can be found at www.baumonitoring-ev.de

IPMB Real Estate & Projektmanagement Berlin GmbH looks forward to the future cooperation with the association and its members.

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