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Building defect management

As organisational costs and efforts for project and construction management increase as a result of ever shorter construction times and growing cost pressures, the increasing number of subcontractors and greater technical demands on buildings, there is hardly any time left for quality control in the daily construction process. Furthermore, technically orientated training and continued professional development of project and construction managers with regard to construction products and methods, standards, guidelines and the generally accepted state of the art usually fall far short of the required level of knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, there is a growing number of planners and control instances, such as architects, specialist planners, fire protection specialists, structural engineers, soil mechanics and testing experts and many others, who constantly draw up plans, specifications, changes, protocols, notes, memos and other documents which must be observed and implemented at the construction site.

In the greater Berlin and Potsdam area, we offer our quality improvement and quality assurance services through quality control as part of our quality management. As experts, we can quickly recognise and notify planning and execution defects, so that an immediate remedy is possible. In this way, it is possible to erect buildings, essentially without concealed defects, and multiplication of an ever continuing defect resulting from poor execution is avoided.

We identify, notify, document and check technical conditions, defects and remedial work during the construction and acceptance phases as well as after completion of construction, complying with standards, guidelines, manufacturer’s instructions and the generally accepted state of the art.

There is little time left for quality control within the framework of quality management in order to ensure the workmanlike implementation of structural and normative requirements. Construction time and construction costs quickly lose importance in view of the service life of a building that is often 20, 30, 50 or even 100 times longer than the original construction time. The quality of the building is what remains or should remain as the only visible result of all planning and construction efforts. Value and service life, user satisfaction as well as operating, maintenance and upkeep costs of the building depend not only on location and design, but also on the quality of the property.

The economic success quickly becomes visible to all parties involved. This not only means significantly lower cost of remedying defects, but also a lower risk of damage and fewer defects to be remedied under warranty and hence drastically lower cost for users, property managers and contractors performing remedial work under warranty obligations. Furthermore, client satisfaction increases through transparency and sustainability, allowing project and construction managers to focus on deadlines, processes and construction costs.

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