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Business Administration

Business administration for real estate companies

Being successful in real estate requires the right property at the right location and good management skills, however, what applies to one property may no longer be appropriate for other properties. 

The development from a real estate owner to a real estate company and the management of a real estate company itself requires strategic management, the organisation of business processes as well as information. Existing, supplementary or divested new and existing properties are optimised, integrated or divested on the basis of suitable analyses, studies, investigations and calculations. 

At a portfolio and real estate level, the following services are often also summarised under the technical term of ‘corporate real estate management’. As ‘business administration for property (companies)’, we supplement this by supporting our clients also at company levels.

Targeted analyses of annual financial statements and the implementation in the form of an annual financial statement policy are of great importance when it comes to optimising the results of a real estate company. The same applies to the design of purchase and sales processes or internal company procedures from a legal perspective. Our firm itself does not offer any tax and/or legal advisory services.

We offer in as part of Business Administration in Berlin

  • strategic real estate management at the level of properties, property portfolios and the property company
  • organisation of business processes, information and information flows
  • national and international property valuation of properties and portfolios
  • mergers & acquisitions/procurement and marketing of properties and portfolios
  • real estate market analyses, investment calculations, ROI calculations and forecasts
  • real estate development and planning, portfolio and lifecycle management, due diligence, integrated management of construction projects
  • support during the provision and implementation of legal and tax consultancy services*
  • implementation of innovative and durable construction systems and methods, suitable architecture and new technologies


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