Construction project management

We understand construction project management as a holistic and comprehensive organisation and management task in the construction project and its environment. Key aspects are the continuous optimisation and improvement of the construction project as well as its goals, contents and results. We offer our clients more than just pure project administration and emotionless project execution. Our key services are:

a) Planning, steering, monitoring as well as ongoing optimisation

  • of the structure and process organisation
  • of investment and building use costs
  • of preparation, planning, execution and commissioning schedules
  • of qualities and quantities

b) project-accompanying and systematic

  • knowledge, communication and documentation management
  • order, contract and supplement management
  • invoice, payment and receivables management
  • conflict and crisis management, mediation

User project management

We offer our user project management services to users, be it as tenants, operators, lessees or property managers of properties or building sites. Our management services include essential contents and services with regard to:

  • definition and finalisation of the user requirements programme
  • participation in the compilation of space, area and plant requirements
  • participation in the construction and function programme
  • checking of specifications during the planning and execution phases
  • preparation and support of user acceptance and commissioning
  • organisation and supervision of users moving in and relocating
  • clearing management of old sites


Project management and Project management systems

Project management or project management systems are described by the DIN standard series DIN 69901:2009-01 with its components

  • DIN 69901-1 Fundamentals
  • DIN 69901-2 Processes, process model
  • DIN 69901-3 Methods
  • DIN 69901-4 Data, data model
  • DIN 69901-5 Concepts

as the essential components of project management.

The areas of project management are supplemented by DIN 69909:2013-03 and DIN 69909:2015-11 Multi Project Management – Management of project portfolios, programmes and projects, DIN ISO 21500:2016-02 Guidance on project management, and the DIN technical report ISO 10006:2004 Quality management systems – Guidelines for quality management in projects.

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