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We can offer support when building up an organisation, arrange business procedures and processes together with projects in the property and construction sector.

At the start of existing organisations and structures there will initially be an analysis of the procedures and processes by means of a status review (data collection, source analysis, method selection) and as-is analysis (flows of information, organisational structures, procedures and relationships).

This is followed by a reorganisation (one-off complete or permanently ongoing) as well as the introduction (gradual, simultaneous, network) and safeguarding (verification, documentation).

The structural organisation, process-oriented organisation and project organisation are known as traditional forms of organisation.

Other forms of organisation are replacing traditional organisational models in view of the increasing speed of permanent change for competitive reasons, for greater focus on clients and for reasons of efficiency.

Technologically available resources and improved communication tools make this possible today. This generally means a complete reorganisation is no longer structured traditionally, but is process-oriented.

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