Unternehmensmanagement, Projektsteuerung und Projektmanatgement Berlin

Project steering Berlin

Organisation, information, coordination and documentation

The success of a project is characterised decisively by its organisation and communication. Organisational charts of the organisational structure and procedures, dedicated communication structures and decision-making pathways form the basis and elementary component of every project manual.

We work out and structure work processes in accordance with the relationships between the people involved in the project and their responsibilities in the project. Documentation structures facilitate the filing and rediscovery of data and documents and their long-term use and continuation.
Risks always exist with a project. We analyse potential risks and find appropriate solutions when dealing with overcoming risks.

Basic services and special services for organisation, information, coordination and documentation

  • Developing, agreeing, following-up and documenting the project-specific organisational requirements with projectstructure planning
  • Coordination ofthe client’s special organisational units
  • Compiling the structural and proceduralorganisational fundamentalsfor planning, comprehensive monitoring and controlling of several linked projects (programmes, projectportfolios)
  • Development and agreement of thefundamentals for planning the planning
  • Involvement in specifying the project objectives anddocumentation of the project requirements and follow-up
  • Proposing and coordinating the communicationstructure of the information, reporting and recording system, verifying and implementing the communicationstructure as well as providing regular information and coordinating with the client(reporting system)
  • Compiling templates and special reporting in client and other committees
  • Establishing and operating our own project communicationsystem and its completion
  • Proposing and agreeing the decision-making management and its implementation and completion


  • Proposals and agreement of change management and their implementation and completion
  • Design, preparation, agreement and implementation of risk management systems with special requirements
  • Involvement in risk management
  • Involvement in the selection of a project communication system and analysis and assessment of the correct use of the project communication system by the people involved in the project, organisational completion of the project communication system
  • Involvement in the preparations for special official permit procedures (e.g. plan determination procedures)
  • Analysis and assessment of the planning processes regarding compliance with the prescribed project objectives
  • Compiling a concept to cover all the third parties affected and the relevant members of the general public as well as their involvement in the further progress of the project
  • Representation of the planning design to the public when there are special requirements and targets and when there are more than five explanation and discussion dates
  • Analysis and assessment of the coordination services of the property planner/property supervision
  • Coordinating special requirements of the operator/user organisation
  • Participating in involving third parties and the public in the further implementation of the project
  • Involvement in acquiring the official permit
  • Support to the client when introducing an independent verification procedure
  • Organisational and specialist building support during court proceedings
  • Involvement in the organisational and administrative design together with the implementation of the handover/takeover or commissioning/use
  • Arranging systematic compilation and archiving of project documentation
  • Verification of the composition of documentation by those involved in planning
  • Checking the project documentation for the specialist participants

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