Unternehmensmanagement, Projektsteuerung und Projektmanatgement Berlin

Real Estate Consulting Berlin & Construction Project Consulting

Real estate and property consulting

We offer our clients consultancy services for real estate and building land as part of the REAL ESTATE DUE DILIGENCE. In this service package, we perform both either holistic and complete or partial examinations as required of the most diverse potentials and risk groups of real estate and properties with a view to:

  • development, soil and subsoil
  • permit, contract and warranty
  • time and deadlines, schedules
  • finance and costs
  • location and marketing

Construction project consulting

We offer our consultancy services for real estate, construction and infrastructure projects in the real estate and property industry for all development stages of a project. With our construction, real estate, project expertise and many years of experience, we can provide our clients with professional as well as expert support in many areas of the real estate and construction industry.

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