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Control of deadlines

As one of the three elementary targets, namely «Costs-deadline-quality» of a project, deadlines need to be planned carefully, monitored continuously, controlled in a target-oriented manner and constantly optimised and adjusted if necessary.
During the course of the project, we provide the framework schedule of the project with milestones and fixed deadlines, scheduling for planning, tenders and construction, together with commissioning and rectification of defects. This scheduling is supplemented with additional detailed deadlines if necessary. Schedules provided by planners and builders are checked for plausibility and reserves to achieve the optimal progress of the project and the latter are integrated in our scheduling.
Deviations from our own and external planned deadlines are identified by us during the course of the project by reviewing the current situation and targets and corrected to the best of our ability with corrective measures or alternative solutions.

Basic services and special services for scheduling include

  • Drawing-up, agreeing and following-up the project deadline framework
  • Drawing-up, agreeing and following-up the control schedule for the entire project (planning and building process)
  • Derivation of the capacity framework taking account of the schedule of those involved in planning for the planning and building process
  • Recording logistics influences taking account of the relevant site and framework conditions together with involvement in their updating
  • Compiling a logistics concept


  • Comparing and following-up logistical measures with residents and neighbourhood interests
  • Compiling a schedule for planning and construction progress if there are (still) no schedules available from the planning participants and follow-up
  • Review of the schedule by the planning participants regarding planning and construction progress, in particular for compliance with the schedule framework
  • Control of planning scheduling including analysis and assessment of deadline follow-up by the planning participants
  • Compiling the tender schedule if there are (still) no schedules available from the planning participants and follow-up
  • Compiling and agreeing the schedule framework for the integration of strategic Facility Management
  • Review of tender scheduling by those involved in planning
  • Review of the quotations available with regard to the prescribed deadlines
  • Control of scheduling with actual-target comparisons regarding implementation planning and preparation and implementation of awarding tenders
  • Involvement in updating and checking the development of the logistical influences
  • Control of scheduling of the implementation taking account of the project monitoring services
  • Control of commissioning, acceptance and handover
  • Compiling a detailed operation schedule by integrating all the people involved in the project including users

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